Top 10 Free Social Network Apps for iOS

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Most of us know how important it's to remain in contact with friends and family on social networking. And using mobile programs has become the handiest method to achieve that. However, there are so many, at times it's hard to decide on the perfect one. That is why we've compiled this listing of just the very best free social programs for iPhone that really can help you interact anywhere you go.

And you are able to find out more about every program discussed in this review and also the best way to download it at no cost.


Each day brings fresh social networking platforms, but Facebook stays the greatest of all of them. Used by nearly everyone, it's the very first app you need to download - for those who have not yet. The Facebook program is totally free, and it's just about every feature you might have to communicate with your buddies. What's more, it includes its own interface tailored to the iOS, so it is quite comfortable to work with on tablet computers, too.


The service is based on posting photos, and it has become so popular that there’s a lot of businesses around it now. The Stories as we know it, firstly appeared on instagram. 

Instagram offers you all kinds of options. Like any other social media app, it can be used simply to share interesting moments of your everyday life with a couple of your friends.

instagram interface


Pinterest is just another social networking platform that's based on submitting photographs. But, it is quite different from Instagram – even concerning the community. Pinterest permits you to create completely customizable boards for both you and other users to convey – and also to keep related images, which can be known as hooks. The matter is that each pin has a hyperlink to a website that was taken out of, which means that you can easily find more details about any subject.

However, you don't need to visit the original websites all of the time. The majority of the hooks contain basic details concerning the depicted thing. By way of instance, hooks with cooking recipes have a listing of components, and hooks with things you may purchase have a purchase button. Regardless of what you are considering, Pinterest has plenty of images on any subject, and the program permits you to navigate them with fantastic comfort.


Snapchat is a social networking platform that has become very popular recently. The idea is based on sending videos and photos which last just a couple of seconds. This feature actually boosts your imagination and makes the general mood of this program considerably milder. On the other hand, the notion of those brief Snaps isn't the only interesting characteristic of Snapchat: you may also produce a prolonged collection of these known as Stories - or shoot ridiculous selfies with a lot of available filters and effects.

The latter are likely what helped the program go viral. The filters aren't any sort of masks which just overlay your photograph or movie (but the program has them, also ). They operate smarter, altering up your own face in real time to create you a cute puppy to change your sex. You have likely heard about the sex swap filter so it looks like a wonderful time to get the program and try it out yourself.

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While it does not feel complicated enough to be an extremely social networking program, you may still use it to send text messages and networking files to your friends and coworkers. Additionally, there are high quality video chats using one contact or a complete bunch - so it is pretty helpful for conventions. Obviously, Hangouts includes all sorts of funny decals and emoji, also.


WhatsApp is just another popular messaging program that provides you everything from simple text messages using emoji and decals to video calls. You do not even need to make an account - that the program uses your contact number. You may make calls and send text messages all around the world entirely for free: that the program requires just a stable online connection.

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Spotify is a music social networking platform, also. It focuses more on favorite songs, but it's very like SoundCloud along with other free social programs. You are able to listen to songs and arrange it into playlists, and you will find choices to discover exactly what your friends listen to - and also to share your songs together. The program has a fairly straightforward interface, however, the free version has plenty of annoying advertisements, and there's a limitation on how frequently you're able to skip a course, so it is likely much better to buy a superior version.
On the other hand, the drawback of having the ability to find your buddies' music is they can find yours. And most of us know there is always something you want to conceal from them.


Tumblr is a microblogging system that lets you post miniature notes with images, videos and audio. Every tiny attribute is tailored to create making your site as straightforward as you can, but you will find enough choices to make it even more serious and enlightening if you want that. Obviously, it is possible to trace other Tumblr users and examine their sites – or simply find some of the freshest memes.

tumblr interface


The platform permits you to capture and discuss miniature videos known as vines which could be no more than half an hour. That makes it improper for something serious and coherent, but a perfect way to capture just a tiny video of your humorous pet. Nonetheless, these constraints sometimes make users imaginative, and a few vines look like little films. And even when you're not that imaginative yourself, you could always watch different people all over the globe do all sorts of things.

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Simply decide what articles you like to find and discuss the most. Every one of those social websites free programs has its own attention, and that means you merely need to select the one that you like. Please don't neglect to enjoy, talk about, and comment on your selection.