Sunglasses That Please Your Ears — Bose's Audio Shades Will Kill iPod

Shari Lynn Kramer


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Bose's new merchandise can revolutionize the audio hardware industry. Stylish glasses from Bose synchronize with your smartphone and play music, at the exact same time not depriving you from acoustic waves of the surrounding reality.

A curious audio player/toy comes in 2 kinds: Bose Alto and Rondo. The one difference between these is that Rondo has round lenses. As for the other things, glasses are unisex and do not put any sex limitations.

Magic Funky Shades

Either arm of these sunglasses is outfitted with a microscopic speaker. It transmits the audio into your eardrums, employing the cranium resonance. Because of this, people around will not have the ability to listen to a song you are blasting right now. But you, instead, will probably be hearing the noises of the world. 

It creates Bose's sunglasses a better choice than normal headphones when crossing the street or parlaying with somebody.

As evaluations reveal, audio quality is really fairly decent. Audio made by Bose wonder-shades are readily compared to the one which a set of earplugs can create. However, earplugs can not protect your sensitive students from the mid-summer sunlight, do they?

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HD Audio + Security

Activating them does not need much work.

1) Wear glasses just like a cool person you're.
2) Rely them pushing the small button on the ideal arm.
3) During Bluetooth sign, synch the glasses and your own gadget to make them operate in a duo. Signal range is roughly 30 feet.

Obviously, handling your tracks, playlists, equalization, quantity etc, are also performed on the smartphone. Regrettably, there is no location on the glasses, in which buttons for audio adjustment could be placed.

Even though some could consider Bose's innovation skeptically, it is difficult to disagree that listening to music independently and getting your ears available is something brand new. Something new, radical and amazing. Besides, since it is possible to envision the music-shades offer more security to each audio junkie: you may hear a potential hazard coming, while still savoring your favourite track.

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Magic Accessories

In terms of the glasses, their lenses do a fantastic job in filtering ultraviolet and UVB rays -- 99 percent of these, according to Bose. Besides they're resistant to being scraped. Their weight is approximately 50g and they're crafted from a strong nylon-based material.

Free items include:

  • Charging device;
  • Carry Case;
  • Fabric tote.

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Music Never Stops

Yet another extra incentive: the glasses have their particular program Bose Connect. It has an AR option, so far accessible only for iOS. Among those suggestions it could do is to alert you if your favourite band will hit the point during the forthcoming Coachella festival.

Both versions cost $199 and can be purchased through Amazon. Learn more about these and learn more about the subtle acoustic that fills our planet!