September Apple Event: What’s There If Not iPhone 12

Shari Lynn Kramer


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The rumors had it until the Apple event on September 15 that the new iPhone wouldn't be shown on the demonstration. Frankly speaking, countless viewers expected Apple would prove this is false till the last titles. But Apple still had some aces up its sleeves and put them on the desk. So, what exactly did the Cupertino wizards show us this time?

Apple Watch

There'd been some doubts that under Tim Cook Apple will still have the ability to produce fresh game-changing products. It has. Apple Watch is now the bestselling watch on earth since its launch in 2015; at 2020, we're watching Apple Watch 6 (available shortly for $399).

The Best inventions from the 6th generation would be the following:

  • Energy-saving screen;
  • Blood oxygen detector. It is especially needed in the age of COVID-19, as a portion of its consequences is blood oxygen level falling;
  • New bracelets without a grip. You simply have to stretch them to set the watch on.

Together with Apple Watch 6, the Business revealed Apple Watch SE ($279). That is a simplified variant of Apple Watch 6, inducing the blood oxygen detector and the Always-On screen, but preserving most of the capabilities.

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We've seen what iPad Pro is now in 2020; today, it is time that the other variations follow. The newest iPad, being the 8th generation of the world's beloved tablet computer, is powered by A12, the previous-generation processor that's still a big step ahead.

However, the system that shined on the event is the iPad Air. This innovative device, being only 1 step behind the Pro series, today includes A14 Bionic – the most effective SoC from Apple (at least before fresh iPhones arrive). It give a usual 40% increase in performance, additionally using an innovative neural engine for AI functions.

The tablet also includes an updated camera, a far better 10.9-inch screen, and a fingerprint detector currently united using all the power button. The conventional Lightning interface is substituted with USB-C. The apparatus also obtained some new detectors enabling, as an instance, contactless controls.

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Apple Fitness and Additional Services

Apple is becoming increasingly more service-oriented. After Apple TV+ and Apple News, the next innovation is Fitness+. This service's purpose would be to provide the consumers new workouts which could be tracked with Apple Watch and accompanied by videos on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. New workouts will be synced using Apple Music playlists.

To make its services much more appealing, Apple also rolled out its own Apple One plan which includes Music, TV+, Arcade, News, Fitness+, and also a few storage on iCloud. The most family program also has Fitness+ and News, and cloud storage has been raised to two TB. It is $29.99/month, but it could be divided into six – the maximum amount of participants to the strategy.

As for iOS 14, it'll be rolled out everywhere, regardless of the dearth of this new iPhones. Its beta version was reviewed, and barely will the launch variant feature anything the most recent beta lacks.

Who’s the Star?

In case you've watched the occasion – or see about it – what exactly are you really currently interested in the most? Did Apple make you disappointed or make you excited to update? Are you going to buy the new iPad or Apple Watch when they hit the shops? Or subscribe to Apple One? Can its Fitness+ promote your workouts? Tell us your thoughts in comments.